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What’s a Fit-Cation & Why You Should Go!

A fit-cation is a vacay to a beautiful destination that’s intended to be fun & adventurous while resetting your mind and body.

This is a vacation where you’ll be able to maintain your active lifestyle or kick new habits into gear. A fit-cation should help change your mindset, focus on an intention or new goal.

There are different types of fit-cations or retreats that range from strict yoga to focuses on nutrition, kick-ass boot camps, and some that offer a combination of various fitness and wellness options.

If considering, it’s best to find what your interests are P.L.A.Y. Fit Lab is offering an upcoming trip that includes various styles which allow you to potentially try and explore something new.

Why You Should Go

There are many health benefits to a fitness retreat, here are a few of my favorite reasons!

Refresh & Renew. Life gets stressful with schedules, work, family, etc. it’s easy for anyone to lose focus and get off track. Whether it’s your body, your mind, or both, sometimes you need a change of scenery to hit the reset. It’s easy to just lie on the beach all day and drink but why not fuel your goals, your mind, and your body so you come back with new intentions and a clear outlook.

Community and Networking. A Fit-cation allows you to meet new people engage and converse with others who are like-minded, which is always fun while traveling. Bring an old friend or your bestie and crush it together, a fit trip offers the opportunity to enjoy positive fun with friends.

Get out of your Comfort Zone. I’m sure the thought of a “retreat” or “fit-cation” can be a bit intimidating but get outside of your comfort zone. Look at it as an opportunity to try something new. Trying new things creates an opportunity for growth and learning, allow yourself the opportunity to be open-minded great things can come from change.

Beautiful Destination. Change of scenery for a few days can inspire you to make some moves you been thinking about. It can help challenge and change your perspective on outside things, the sun and beach are just good for you overall.

You can go solo and not be alone. Sometimes not having a travel companion can hold you back from taking trips or going places that you really want to try. Allowing yourself the opportunity of a fit-cation you can go alone, but you won’t have to have the worry about traveling alone. An organized fit-cation or retreat will have others around that you are connected to so that you can feel more confident.

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