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P.L.A.Y.'ing since 2016

P.L.A.Y. Fit Lab was created by personal trainers, Kahlea and Wil, with a mission to deliver personalized training programs and group fitness classes wherever and however possible. As P.L.A.Y. continued to grow, we added corporate and residential fitness programs that were piloted in the Boston & Greater Boston area. Our corporate wellness programs include small group classes, newsletters, health fairs, challenges, and more.

In January 2020, P.L.A.Y. announced the first "Fit-cation," a getaway to Barbados with an itinerary that included active excursions, fun beach workouts and activities, group dinners, and prizes.

To best support our clients during the COVID crisis, we introduced virtual training to our lineup of services. 

Who We Are

P.L.A.Y. Fit Lab’s overall mission strives to inspire a culture of healthy and active lifestyles through traditional and non-traditional means. Whether you're interested in personal or group training, we create the necessary space and programs to encourage individuals to Push, Lift, and Accelerate themselves both physically & mentally, and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

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